Karera Water Falls カレラの滝2017.09.22

1. Karera water falls, Undiscovered amazing destination!

In the Sourthen-East of Burundi, in Rutana province Musongati district, lays the Karera water falls. It is at 42 km on National Road number 8 from Gitega city, the second city of Burundi. Karera water falls are composed of three main cascades and various small cascades. Two topmost cascades have formed on two separate branches, one which is Karera river and another Mwaro river. These two cascades next meet and form the biggest wide water fall of approximately 8m of height. It is located within a protected area of 142 ha since 1980.



2. Karera water falls will blow your mind!

The beautiful Karera water falls are part of the most impressive natural landmarks in East Africa. It is surrounded by the dense gallery forest. We should not forget about the different sort of birds and monkeys that move all around the water falls.
It gives an unbelievable experience to tourists who enter to the calm environment and take a bath under the water from the mountain falling down to their head.



3. Do you know what? Connect Karera water falls with two other attractions nearby

Once visiting the Karera water falls you would get an opportunity to visit two other attractions that are nearby. Those are the southernmost Source of Nile and German Fault.


River Nile is the famous and longest river in Africa. The southernmost source of Nile is located in Bururi province in Rutovu district just 1h30min from Karera water falls. On the up high of this source was built a small pyramid in 1938 after its discovery which symbolizes the Egypt pyramids that are at the end of the river Nile before that it flows to the Mediterranean sea.



The German Fault is a brilliant landscape occasioned by a great collapse stones from the boma, the sacred place in Burundi history, where the germans had built the tents while fleeing from Belgium  forces but unfortunately they were pushed into this collapse mountain and died thus the name of German Fault. It is located in Rutana province.